White & Black Stripes
White & Black Stripes
White & Black Stripes
White & Black Stripes
White & Black Stripes
White & Black Stripes
Thigh High Socks

White & Black Stripes

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Knit thigh high socks in white with black stripes that fit oh so precise!

Striped thigh high socks designed to fit our bigger thighs AND they’re cute – need we say more? These babies are a whole vibe. Rock these striped thigh high socks with pair of lace-up booties, leather shorts, and a vintage tee. 

If you’re looking for knit thigh high socks that fit, feel great, and make you feel hotter than noon on the fourth of July, then you’ve hit the lotto. Our plus size socks are luxuriously soft, tailor-made to rest – not strangle and make you feel like a natural woman. The knit design is both warm and durable enough to inadvertently prevent some chaffing. But the real cherry on the cake is their low maintenance and long life-span. Our socks are built to last and look good for several seasons!

Being a part of an online sock company that caters specifically to curvy fit ladies is especially gratifying because we have thick thighs too! We are proud to be among the few businesses that can accurately size for and actively celebrate all lusciously sized goddesses. We’re humbled and encouraged with every post and tag we see online because nothing radiates more than a woman confident in herself!

s i z i n g + m e a s u r e m e n t s
Length: 36.5 inches
Stretch: up to 38 inches (yes, you read correctly)
Recommended: For upper thighs that measure 27-39 inches

l o o k a f t e r m e
• Made of 100% brushed acrylic.
• Machine washable in cold water only.
• Tumble dry on the lowest setting.
• Wash inside out to prevent damage.
• Please do not bleach.